What better way to advertise yourself than through a short-and-sweet promotional video! A video teaser is not too long and is just short enough to get people to click and see what you've got going for yourself.  It's been proven that video grabs attention, and that's why we feel you can't go wrong with our short video teasers which are created with social media marketing in mind.  It's basically a short commercial advertising  yourself and your presence on camera. Photos are great and are definitely a necessity as a model, but posting that teaser video on a site like Instagram will take things up a notch and is sure to make people click and watch!


Video Teasers are offered with most of our packages starting with our popular "SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE"

  • Video Teasers are approximately 30-35 seconds in length
  • Each teaser includes music which we can provide or you can provide.  
  • We'll add any information like titles, logos, social media info, etc.   

Video Teasers can be posted anywhere and are short enough in length to make even the curious viewer click and watch! 

If you're an actor or music artist, video teasers can help promote your projects. 

A video teaser is the perfect promotional tool! Pop it onto your social media or website........ and instant promotion!